Chrome plugin for KI-students/researchers

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Wrote a simple “one-click” plugin for Google Chrome to send the current address of an online article/journal through the KI-library proxy to allow full-access to scientific articles (through your own personal account!).

Can be found by clicking HERE or through the Addons for Chrome page:



How To Enable Cortana In Windows 10 Outside of the U.S

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There are three components to this:

  1. Set display language to English.
  2. Set region settings to United States.
  3. Download the English (US) Speech-packages.


1. Setting display language to English

Click the Start button –> Settings –> Time & language –> Region & language –>

  1. Set country to United States.
  2. Add a language “English (United States)”, when it’s downloaded/installed, click on it and set it as Primary language.
  3. You will be forced to log in and out.

2. Setting region settings to United States

Click the Start button –> Settings –> Time & language –> Region & language –> Additional date, time & regional settings (furthest down) –> Region

  1. In the “Formats” tab, choose format as English (United States)
  2. In the “Location” tab, choose Home Location as United States
  3. In the “Administrative” tab, choose Current System Locale to English (United States)

3. Download the English (US) Speech-packages.

Click the Start button –> Settings –> System –> Apps & features –> Manage optional features

  1. Download English (US) optical character recognition
  2. Download English (US) speech recognition
  3. Download English (US) text-to-speech
  4. Download English (US) typing


Finally, enable Cortana

  • Next to the Windows Start-button there’s a magnifying glass. Click it.
  • Click on the Circle/Gear on the side-menu that pops up.
  • Swipe “On” where it asks if you want to enable Cortana.
  • Follow the instructions to set-up Cortana.